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Chronicles the past, present, and future of life on Planet Earth, and on ward to our final escape from nature into the pure, clean, silent, sterile realm of interplanetary space. 
Prepare for the ultimate adventure of your life! This guide by famous Mars experts, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, is a must-read for anyone planning to emigrate to Mars. 

The story of the lives and work of Linn Boyd Benton and Morris Fuller Benton is an important chapter in the history of type. Published by the RIT Press.

Dear Garry Winogrand cover image.jpg

Twelve everyday adventures depicted in photographs captured automatically  with a camera controlled by an interval timer. 

A small collection of photographs of newspaper boys taken by Lewis Hine on one slushy weekday in Rochester, New York, in February 1910.

Michael Photographs a Snowflake was created to share the beauty and science of snowflakes with young readers. Michael Peres has been photographing through the microscope for over four decades. 

A Fossil Press

Instant Photobook

The Lilac Festival is the first spring festival in Rochester, New York, timed to coincide with the blooming of those fragrant blossoms. The timing rarely works out perfectly, but nobody seems to mind very much. 

This book explores the world of new possibilities for books printed on demand by emerging Internet based systems for book publishing. Originally published in 2007, it describes the birth of the "Instant Photobook."

the ORIGIN OF LIFE front cover.jpg

We have prepared this little guide to help you see clearly how everything in the world came to exist by an entirely mindless and meaningless process of material self-organization driven by the eternal quest for power.


We have prepared this little guide to help you see clearly how computers will soon do all your thinking and perform all your work, and leave you free to enjoy the endless streams of entertainment available from the handful of global conglomerates that make everything now.

Chronicles a love of flight passed down through four generations of an American family leading to insights about the limits of vision, teaching and learning, coping with tragedy, and the enduring value of photographs.

ppp cover image.jpg

K. Bradley Paxton describes Kodak innovations from 1960 to the end of 2019, including photographing the moon from a moon-orbiting satellite, the first digital camera, office copiers, automated document management, and many other leading-edge products in consumer and commercial markets. He also reflects on why Kodak went from being a corporate giant to bankruptcy. 

jazz festival-1.jpg

A collection of panoramic photographs from the 2012 Rochester Xerox International Jazz Festival.

The original selfie book from 2006. 

A Fossil Press

Instant Photobook

We decided to try out our new orange toboggan on Cobbs Hill. The weather conditions were perfect for sledding. The temperature was in the teens with about a foot of new snow, a brilliant sunny sky, and no wind. 

Inspired by a 1906 panoramic photo of Rochester, New York, Frank Cost captured numerous panoramas of modern-day Rochester over a ten-year period (2002–2011) using a variety of digital technologies. 

Hochstein Music School is located in Rochester, New York, near the center of town. The school moved into its present building, the former Central Presbyterian Church, in 1975. This book was the first publication of Fossil Press in 2001, and is now available on Amazon. 

Surveys current uses of print media and constructs a new model for understanding the role of print in the networked digital world. Originally Published by RIT Press in 2005. 

If you like crows, you'll love this little picture book!

graffiti tanks cover image.jpg

Nestled in the Washington Grove Woods on Cobbs Hill in Rochester, New York, are two abandoned metal water reservoirs that have long served local graffiti artists as a living gallery. 

Follow Dusanka on an adventure as she shops for and purchases a massive quantity of Feta cheese. 

How much can a single photograph reveal about urban life in America at the beginning of the 20th Century?

A Fossil Press

Instant Photobook

The Angola, New York, "service area" on the New York State Thruway is the only practical stop between Buffalo and Erie Pennsylvania. Experience the Angola stop in all its glory!

DRAWING cover image.jpg

A graphic interpretation of a key concept of G. K. Chesterton in The Everlasting Man

 A 2014 snapshot of the current state of shopping in America. For a period of one month in the late spring of 2014, the author documented each trip made to a retail outlet. This book includes photographic sequences and audio recordings from twelve shopping expeditions. 

Behind the Counter cover.jpg



Candid portraits from the agora!

plague year front cover.jpg

A collection of Black and white photographs made in Rochester, New York, during 2020.

letter of jeremiah cover image.jpg

A contemporary graphic interpretation of the sixth chapter of the book of Baruch, a letter from the Prophet Jeremiah to those who were to be taken as exiles by the king of the Babylonians.

Nancy Rips cover.jpg

The theatrical hijinks of the 2020 State of the Union Address provides the perfect content for Volume 4 in the Fossil Press Armchair Photojournalism 


madonna bathroom serenade front

At the height of the virus pandemic  of 2020, celebrities scrambled to cheer up the suffering masses by making absolute fools of themselves on YouTube. 

An envelope discovered at the bottom of a drawer contains contact prints from a roll of film shot in 1949. The pictures come alive again almost seven decades later.

Bankers Convention cover.jpg

A single panoramic group portrait of a convention of bankers gathered for an annual meeting in Rochester, New York, in September 1911, contains a wealth of visual information about American society just a few years before the beginning of the First World War. 

Photographs documenting the daily life of an American factory worker's family by Ralph Amdursky for the Farm Security Administration, Office of War Information, March 1943.

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