Patricia Cost is the managing editor of Fossil Press. In addition to her work as an editor and designer, she writes non-fiction for adults and children. "Michael Photographs a Snowflake" (2016) is a playful yet technically accurate book for elementary school children who are curious about the science of snowflakes and photography through the microscope. Her 2011 book, "The Bentons: How an American Father and Son Changed the Printing Industry," remains the definitive resource about two late 19th century men who, although modest and self-effacing, effectively changed the way printing type was mass-produced both in this country and abroad.


Frank Cost is the James E. McGhee Distinguished Professor in the School of Photography at Rochester Institute of Technology. The professorship was created in the late 1960s by the photographic industry to study emerging trends in consumer photography and prepare graduates to become innovators in the industry. That mission continues to the present day, although the leading industry players in consumer imaging are almost completely different from the original founders of the professorship. Cost has been photographing professionally since 1975, and has authored both textbooks and experimental photobooks exploring new forms of graphic expression enabled by digital technologies. He has taught a wide variety of courses in the field of visual media for more than three decades.